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What Is Cold Email?

It’s the same method Elon Musk used when building up
It’s also what Uber used it to launch in Chicago and several other cities.
A marketing and sales strategy that you don’t need any money or any more tools than you already have to start. If you have an email address, then you already have everything you need.
That simplicity is what keeps it “The Best Kept Secret of Silicon Valley”
It’s also a scalable strategy capable of generating millions, even giving early traction to industry goliaths like as Paypal and Uber. pretty much pioneered cold email selling and it’s how they built themselves into a billion dollar company.

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What’s Inside the Course

The Step-by-Step Cold Email System Anyone Can Use to Drive More Sales, Partnerships, Press, & More.

How to Build A Lead Generation System

How to Build A Lead Generation System
I’ll show you exactly where and how to target your ideal prospect and setup a system to replenish those leads on autopilot.

How to Write Emails People Love

After sending millions of cold emails, I’ll share all I’ve learned and exactly how you can craft the perfect email. It’s a simple process anyone can follow…and you don’t need to be a copy genius.

My Exact Sending Setup and Automations

I’ll give you my exact tech setup that I use to automate, track, and scale my email campaigns. No coding or rocket science needed, simple and straightforward.

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Who Can Use Cold Email


If you are a speaker or consultant, cold email can make you a ton of money. As a consultant or speaker you can use clever cold email campaigns to land new speaking gigs. Which as you know, will land you more consulting clients. Jeff Yalden, world famous youth motivational speaker uses cold emails to book over 180 days a year on stage.


Cold email is a no brainer if you sell services or software. Imagine the house maid who cold emails everyone in her neighborhood with quick tips to remove the oil from their driveway, and then offers to do it for free.
Or the SEO guy who emails website owners with a unique tip on how to score a few high quality backlinks and then asks to setup a call.


Software also works great, because it’s just like services. Software does something for the user. What makes software better than services is often you pay less or only once for the software. pretty much pioneered cold email selling and it’s how they built themselves into a billion dollar company.                                                   


What better way can you think of to land the best interviews, than cold email? If you were good at finding email addresses, writing great subject lines, and automating cold email you could easily fill up your podcast with guests.
John Lee Dumas used a lot of cold emails in the beginning days of his  podcast,     EntrepreneurOnFire.                     

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The Problem

Typically, a sales team spends 20% of its time every week, looking for right fit accounts and finding decision makers in them to pursue. Ultimately giving them less time to do what they do best close deals!

The Solution

What if you can get contacts of your ideal buyers right in your inbox every  evening. Your sales team can then come in and just start engaging these prospects.

Cold Email Myths

Is cold email the same thing as spam?

This is the #1 misconception I hear. Spam happens when a company doesn’t follow the rules and uses shady tactics. With our program we plainly define the rules for outreach to keep you 100% Compliant.

Isn’t cold email blackhat?

A few bad apples always ruin it for the rest of everyone who does it compliant and with tactfulness. Think sketchy SEO tactics, but as a whole SEO is not blackhat.

Will cold email piss people off?

 Some people hate TV Ads, Banner Ads, or heck even cat memes. The point is, when done right, this is no more true than any other marketing. My simple step-by-step email process will have people thanking you for reaching out.

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Use the training as much as you want. Put it to any test you choose. And then decide.
That’s how confident I am that Cold Email Academy is the best, most effective online marketing program you’ve ever seen.

How to get 10,000 targeted high quality prospects at low-cost or no-cost
Consistently generate 50-70% open rates with proven subject lines
Turn anyone’s Twitter followers into your secret garden of profit
Find your competitors customers and turn them into your prospects for free
How to used cold email to generate sales for a business idea before even having a product or website
Find an unlimited amount of prospects in places that refresh with new leads monthly
The formula for writing cold emails that people thank you for sending

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